Tuesday, June 1, 2010

350 Series

I am currently around the number 285 out of 350 paintings completed of the 350 series. I am looking forward to completing the series this summer and more importantly raising awareness for climate change.

Back in NYC

Back in NYC...
What has changed what has stayed the same...hmmm do I really want to say?
I am missing the late 90's of New York City... I am grateful for the new parks and green spaces. I thought maybe the infamous 2nd avenue subway line would be finished...someday someday.

I am always inspired walking the streets of NYC...the element of surprise is a major inspiration for me and it is something that I address in my own work. I can never predict the finish and always enjoy the improvisational quality of the streets of New York City and working as an Abstract Artist. I am happy to be back in New York.

Inspiration in Places

My travels take me to many beautiful places...my inspiration has always come from the nature around me...here are a few photos from the last year that are inspirational!!!!!!!