Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Read About the "350 Series"by Erin Dolan from Yahoo News


On Oct. 22, 2010, Erin Dolan, a New York City-based artist, educator and art director for the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation, will debut the “350 Art Series,” at the “Invest to Improve” charity art event to benefit the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation. The series consists of 350 black-and-white oil paintings created as part of a global call-to-action for community gardens and restoration projects. Proceeds from the event will help fund the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation’s educational and environmental programs geared toward serving urban youth. Programs include urban farming, green job training, healthy food and nutrition initiatives and more. Rock ‘n Renew has three ecology center sites in New York City, New Jersey and Hawaii, with more than 300 partner schools throughout the United States.

“I was inspired to create the 350 series to bring further attention to the number 350, which is the number that many scientists believe is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” said Erin Dolan, founder of Erin Dolan Art Studio and art director of the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation. “As an educator and an artist, I want to encourage students to take part in art projects that directly relate to the local and global issues that continue to challenge our lives.”

"350 Series" Friday Oct. 22nd 2010@75 Greene street NYC