Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working with Canvas-Travel creates new, re-work, re-invent.

Re-Do, Re-Work, Re-Invent.

Invention happens most often out of necessity I truly believe the struggles and challenges are often the breeding ground for extraordinary ideas!

Since moving back from Hawaii to the East Coast I have been slowly unraveling the many rolled up canvas paintings I created while living out in Hawaii.  Lately I have been interested in cutting up these paintings into thin strips, in many ways creating a new idea with a painting. However it was never intended to be cut up and that is what makes it work...

Here are some of the results....I look forward to exploring what will be-

Canvas strip-paintings on wood.


Re-work, Re-do, Re-Invent.

New Ideas

Canvas Strips-Re-thinking

Re-streched painting made in Hawaii now back in studio in Ct. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Ideas-Exploration

Studio Time
Exploring a variety of arrangements of canvas pieces into new paintings. 

Working on a varity of explorations-

Accent color on back of canvas strips.

Photo transfer technique on ceramicware. 

Canvas strips on linen with box to add more dimension.  

New Ideas excited for possibilites. 

Photo transfer on Clay.

Looking forward to pushing these ideas further throughout the next month.