Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working with Canvas-Travel creates new, re-work, re-invent.

Re-Do, Re-Work, Re-Invent.

Invention happens most often out of necessity I truly believe the struggles and challenges are often the breeding ground for extraordinary ideas!

Since moving back from Hawaii to the East Coast I have been slowly unraveling the many rolled up canvas paintings I created while living out in Hawaii.  Lately I have been interested in cutting up these paintings into thin strips, in many ways creating a new idea with a painting. However it was never intended to be cut up and that is what makes it work...

Here are some of the results....I look forward to exploring what will be-

Canvas strip-paintings on wood.


Re-work, Re-do, Re-Invent.

New Ideas

Canvas Strips-Re-thinking

Re-streched painting made in Hawaii now back in studio in Ct.